Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Five... things my daughter has taught me

1. How amazing our God is. Aside from the fact that He chose me to be Elle's mommy, I am in complete awe of His power and sweet creation in what I now know as the most beautiful little girl alive.

2. Staring at your own child is addicting. I am a self proclaimed people watcher. I love going to the fair simply to gawk at the people who attend {and the food, of course}. But looking at your own child that you took part in creating... their little fingers, their nose and their toes... it has become my addiction. 

3. Life is not predictable or controllable. Anyone who knows me can vouch that I am type-A full tilt. Sparing the details, I have quickly learned this {BIG} lesson.

4. Everything can be turned into a nursery rhyme.

5. Love fully and fiercely. Elliet loves to wrap her arms around me, even in times when it's not really convenient {like in the middle of making dinner}. It serves as a great reminder to unconditionally always show love to others {even when they don't deserve it, even when they're being unlovable, even when they're busy...}