Tuesday, September 17, 2013

7 & 8 months

Our little girl has turned 8 months! Wow, baby girl is busy! She is full on mobile and likes to explore. I can't believe how close she is getting to turning ONE!

She is such a sweetheart. She loves to laugh, coo, blow raspberries and smile. Just a sweet, sweet baby, and has the cutest personality that she is showing more of each day.

With each passing month comes so many firsts! She is now holding her bottle for herself, clapping her hands, and crawling. Our sweet girl is still wearing 6 months clothes and size 2 diapers.

Our eating adventures are still ongoing. Her favorite foods are sweet potatoes and bananas. She's not a fan of texture yet, so things like chicken are of no interest to her. She loves her mixed purees and seems to favor veggies over fruit. Recently we gave her a dill pickle spear and she absolutely loved it.

Elle still loves her bath time! She gets so excited as we're waiting on the bath to fill, she will bounce in my lap waiting to be allowed in. Once she's in, it's full on kicking and splashing mode.

Elliet is still a great sleeper. We listened to advice of sticking to a bedtime routine and it sure has paid off. We are in the bath around 6:30pm followed up with a massage of coconut oil before getting into her pj's and sitting in the rocking chair for her last bottle before bed. Her room window is darkened and we use a white noise machine. She sleeps from about 7:00pm to 6:30/7:00am. I love entering her room in the mornings, she is always so happy to see me! I get the sweetest, biggest, toothless grin and it melts my heart. She is also a decent napper, we can see stretches of sleep during nap time that can last 2 hours, but on an off day, can be as short as 30 mins. She normally takes two naps per day.

Her favorite toys consist of anything that was not intended as a baby toy. Ha. She loves empty water bottles, always wants the TV remote or our cell phones (although we don't let her have those, yuck!) and oh, Paisley's dog toys. She loves watching Paisley and enjoys pulling her beard, even though Paisley isn't as fond of this activity. However, Paisley is starting to come around and notice that she may just have a new playmate on her hands. She has started to take her toys near Ellie knowing that Elle will crawl towards them. If Ellie is quick enough to grab the toy, Paisley enjoys taking it away from her! Ha.

We are still waiting for the ever looming first tooth to arrive. I've been watching and feeling for it, but it has yet to appear.

We took our first "trip" to the Gaylord Resort in Grapevine, Texas to celebrate Aunt Sheila's 50th birthday. It was a great time. We took Kaitlin with us to help with Elle in the evenings and it worked out great.

I am so proud of this little life we've created. I stare at her in awe often. We love our sweet girl so so much.