Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lets Get Real

This final trimester has for sure been the hardest. I feel big. I feel heavy. I've gained a little over 30 lbs and my knees are screaming at me each time I lower myself to the toilet seat to pee. I can easily crawl into bed each night by 8 o'clock. If the pain in my hips don't get me first then I'm attempting to roll myself out of bed, moaning and grunting and needing air {did I mention I can hardly breathe}, for my bathroom break in between bathroom breaks. If I can find a comfortable position once I climb back into bed it's just about guaranteed that my heartburn or acid reflux will ruin it. I am miserable. I am ready to evict her. Now.

6 days. Monday couldn't feel further away.

I feel like I'm a magnet for unsolicited advice {and I hear that it will probably get worse once she is born}. What you should eat. What you shouldn't eat. How to sleep. How to tell what the gender of the baby is. Their opinion on the name. How to do everything! People love giving their two cents. I'm tired of all the advice. I know people mean well, but most of the tips I've received are either outdated, some quite comical or given as if I don't frequently visit a doctor. I am vowing here and now that I will keep my advice to myself unless asked!

Or how about those that say, "just wait until the baby comes!" Typically anytime I'm enjoying myself about Elliet's arrival they chime in with the dreaded comment -- as if just to make sure I don't get too excited. Clearly I don't realize that I will no longer get any sleep, or that Ryan and I will never leave the house again AND that our lives as we know it... are over.

I'm trying to maintain my sense of humor in the midst of life as a pregnant woman -- because don't get me wrong, I am extremely thankful that I am able to receive the biggest blessing of all. Honestly. I do feel that way.

So, again. 6 days. I'm counting down.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

37 Week Update

How Far Along: 37 weeks – Officially Full Term!

We are getting ready more and more each day! We have set up her pack n’ play in the bedroom where she will be sleeping at night for her first 6-8 weeks, we have also set up her swing in the living room, ready for her to be lulled away to sleep! Ryan also installed her car seat this weekend. I have packed a bag for Elliet and I, for the most part… just a few more things to add last minute. And also, thanks to Obama care, I have ordered my breast pump, billed 100% to my health insurance. Not much left on the ‘to-do list’!
Eviction Date: Planned c-section Monday Jan 21st!   ONLY 11 MORE DAYS!

Total Weight Gain: 31 lbs. {at my last OB visit on Jan 9th, Elliet weighed 7lbs 6oz!}

Movement: She LOVES to move! Lately I've even been feeling what I believe to be her hands, I can feel her little fingers flutter. Amazing. Last night I was able to grab a good video of her moving all about … I included a short portion of it here…

Labor Signs: Not necessarily. I can tell my body is preparing, I’ve been having cramping and more and more Braxton Hicks contractions.

Belly Button in or out? It’s still in and flattened out, I’m thinking it might just stay that way.

Stretch Marks: No still holding out… although I know they could pop up at any time.

What I am looking forward to: Of course I'm MOST looking forward to meeting her, however, I can.not.wait to sleep on my stomach! Being able to roll over from side to side without pain and grunting and so much effort, being able to sleep without waking up 10 times to pee, being able to sleep without my hands going numb or hurting. Just being able to breathe! Although I realize once she comes, I won’t be getting much sleep either, haha! I also look forward to wearing my wedding ring again.