Monday, March 18, 2013

2 months!

I guess the old expression, 'time flies when your having fun' holds true for our family this month! I'm also going to guess that is going to be a running theme of my blog because time is truly flying by!

She is such a content baby, she really only cries when she's hungry or sometimes when she gets too sleepy. She's a hands-on kinda girl, she's always got her hands going. She gave her first real smile on February 21st, I'm paid in smiles so I get excited with each one! I get the most smiles in the morning.. unlike her daddy, I think she's a morning girl!

One thing we are really working on this month is implementing a routine, most importantly a relaxing bedtime routine. I am very routine oriented so I'm sure Elle likes routine by genetics. There are so many suggestions when it comes to getting a newborn to sleep through the night... Baby Wise, the Sleep Whisper, etc. I feel like I've taken suggestions that work for us from each and I'm running with it. Since predictability can aid in better sleep we are doing a bath, lotion massage and bottle before going down to bed by 9:00pm. I am also working towards the Baby Whisperer's EASY routine = Eat, Awake, Sleep, Your Time. It doesn't work perfectly all the time but I do it when I can. We have also started naps in her crib to help with the transition from her bassinet in our room when Mommy finally feels the time is right. =) 

Elle is enjoying her play mat more, she really likes to stare into the mirrors {like father, like daughter} and she realizing she can bat her hands at the hanging toys to make them move.

She loves to fall asleep on my chest {Mommy loves that too} and she makes my heart melt when she looks up at me while her head is on my shoulder with those beautiful eyes. Those are my favorite moments with her.  

Last week was her 2 month check-up which included the dreaded 2 month shots. She was not happy about this and neither was I. She was very clingy and fussy for the remainder of the day. She is now 11 lbs and 6 oz and 23 1/4 inches long.

Yesterday we celebrated St. Patrick's Day!

She is growing and changing so much, so fast. I am trying my best to live in the moment and soak up every sweet moment of newborn-ness that I can. I can't wait to see what month three holds for us. I am hoping for more smiles and maybe a laugh! We love our precious little girl!